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Service Hours Part 6

Yesterday I went to the Because He loved Us First event organized by Emily. I was placed in the Disney room. The kids had a lot of fun eating snacks, playing games, dancing, and singing along to their favorite Disney movies. I was only able to stay for two hours or so, but I was happy to be apart of this event. I think that the kids really enjoyed having a fun day with some students in our class. 

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Post 10

I think overall this course has helped me to adapt my perspective of the world we live in. I  no longer see myself, or others, in the same way that I did prior to the beginning of this semester. It’s way too easier for us as a society to pass judgements about people that are different than us. This class encouraged me to question those prejudices and feel empathy for people who I otherwise thought I shared nothing in common with. I learned that cultural differences strengthen organizations. Not only will this help me in my career, but it will also help me to just be a more compassionate person. I loved competing service hours and building relationships with those who are less privileged than myself. I feel inspired by this class to do good with the advantages that I have been given.  

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New Perspectives


When signing up for this intercultural communications class I thought I would just learn how we can learn better communications from other countries.  While this class not only did that, but it opened my eyes to understand what intercultural communication really is.  Communication is understanding all around us, it is understanding what our understanding what privilege really is.  Communication is about understanding what happens if your town gets in a big disaster and how your privileges and the job title that you hold can help the community succeed.  This intercultural communication class has taught me that all of us come from all different walks of life, some may come from a wealthy family while some may come from a different country and have to learn everything on their own again.  When meeting some refugees, I learned that I had to be a more patient and show a happy face when meeting with them.  Cause these refugees must learn another language, the geographic area, and even handling money going to buy food for their family.  Most of all I have learned of the ted talk titled beware of one-person story.  I am glad I can listen to that talk and just understand how much of a story can mean in one individual life.  Before you believe that one story continues to investigate that story, so you can know for yourself that it is true.  At the end of the semester we were able to learn about how special privileges are and can be and able to learn from Scot as he did business in Africa.  This class has taught me to always treat everyone respect no matter what.  Everyone deserves that, and the way you do business is different in every country you go to so its best to try and understand the language, how they greet people, and get the good people on your side in every way you can.  I am glad I was able to take this intercultural class to understand traditions, cultures and privileges.  Thank you for opening my eyes a little wider and see new perspectives.  

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Final Post

I think the thing I will remember in my future interactions with new cultures I actually learned from Scott Lomo’s presentation. What I learned from him was to be very cautious when entering a new culture, realize that there are protocols, and that there are some customs that I just flat out may not be aware of. 

What I will do about this is I will take things slow when meeting new people, and visiting a new place. I will observe and learn before making big decisions. 

I also learned the importance of a mentor or a navigator to help with understanding the customs and protocols that I will not know about. I will find friends that can help me know what things to do and not do.

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Post #10

I’ve learned so many things since taking this class. The material that I’ve learned in this class has truly affected my daily life. Something that I’ve been way more aware of is privilege. White privilege is something that I never even thought about before this class. Which obviously shows that I was suffering from white privilege. I think learning about white privilege has helped me develop empathy for those who are not of my culture. Empathy is a tool that I believe will immensely help me in the future with other cultures. I think empathy will especially help me in my future interactions with international students. I never realized how much international students have to go through and I would love to extend them a helpful hand next time I interact with them. 

I have enjoyed everything that I have learned throughout this class. I’ve especially enjoyed being able to interact with refugees. This is something that I hope to be able to continue to do throughout my life. I love being around different cultures. I think that’s what I’ve learned the most from this class, that different is good. I want to celebrate the differences around me. I”m grateful for everything that I’ve learned in this class. 

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American Arrogance

I have always been proud to be an American. I have always felt very blessed and lucky to have been born in this great country. I still feel that way. However, after spending the semester in this class I feel it is important to find balance between being proud of being an American and being full of American arrogance. I’m sure I have been insensitive to people of other cultures and from other countries because I have felt superior being an American. This class has helped me to walk a mile (or at least around the block) in someone else’s shoes. This class has taught me to be less arrogant, and more empathetic. This class has taught me what a great privilege it is to have been born in this great country, and the consequences of not having that privilege can have on others. This class has taught me that the LGBTQ community does not make me uncomfortable, but sometimes certain people can make me uncomfortable, but it’s not because they are LGBTQ. This class has taught me there is so much I didn’t know, and so much more I need to learn.  

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What Happened to the Dream? – For my first monopoly activity I listened to keynote speaker, Elijah Miles. He gave a great discourse about how college students shouldn’t just demand change, but should take an active part in creating change. I have to admit, I was a little uncomfortable when Miles spoke with what I would consider improper grammar. Then a few days later in class we had a group presentation about Ebonics, and I was taught about speech codes. Miles just happen to be talking the way he grew up and in a manner that was appropriate for his in-group. This was a great learning opportunity for me. 

Outsourced – For my second monopoly activity I watched the movie Outsourced. The little bit of the movie we saw in class made me want to see the rest of the movie. It was not only entertaining, but a good portrayal of intercultural communication.  The movie really related to the ideas Scott Lomu shared with us when he spoke to our class. In order to be successful when doing business in a foreign country, it is important to understand the social norms of the country. 

Living Legends – For my third monopoly event I attended the Living Legends performance at BYU. Living Legends is one of my favorite BYU ensembles. Living Legends is a dance group that performs traditional dances from the Latin American, Pacific Island, and Native American cultures. They perform all over the world. But their performance at BYU is their last performance of the school year, and a culmination of all their traveling. When they perform at BYU the audience shouts and cheers and claps through each of the dances. It’s a fun evening and the performance is extremely uplifting and fun. 

Bombay House – From the time I was a very little girl, I have been a picky eater. Many of our class members were excited about being able to eat ethnic food as a monopoly event. I just assumed I would not like any ethnic food and was not looking forward to trying something new. But when my son offered to take me to Bombay house, I decided to be brave and try it. And I am so glad I did! It was delicious. I think I would have preferred the plain naan bread over the garlic naan bread my son ordered.  Oh well, guess I’m going to have to go back there again so I can try the plain naan bread…AND eat all the other delicious food they have. Also, I probably shouldn’t be such a wimp about trying new foods from other cultures. 

ESL Conversation – This was probably my favorite monopoly activity. For my fifth and final monopoly activity I had a nice conversation with an ESL student. Youlong is in my Comm 4170 class. One day I walked with him from the Pope Science building over to the classroom building, and talked to him about his experience in coming from China to go to school in America. He was interesting to talk to. I was able to ask him appropriate questions based on what I have learned in class this semester. I asked him if he went through any depression after first moving here, like we had learned could happen to foreign students. I asked him if it was difficult to figure out American money. I also asked him what other places he had visited in America besides Utah, and what he will miss most when he moves back to China. It was interesting to get his perspective on my own native culture.  

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Monopoly Board Activities (1-3)

MLK Speech

On January 16, 2018 I was able to attend a motivational speech given by Elijah Miles in commemoration of MLK day. He titled his speech “What Happened to the Dream”, referring to the famous speech given by Martin Luther King Junior. The dream for Americans everywhere to have equal opportunity. Elijah discussed some of the humanitarian work that he is undertaking in his community and his thoughts on what we can do to keep the dream alive. I was very impressed with his enthusiasm and drive that he has to influence his community, specifically the younger generation and his desire to make a positive difference. He was very bold, but instead of choosing to be offended, I admired his determination to encourage us as UVU students to remember our dreams and make them happen. Listening to his speech made me want to get more involved with my own community and look for ways that I could reach out and help other people’s dreams come true.


Indian Food 


While serving an LDS mission I was companions with a young woman who is from India. When we were spending time together I learned about her culture and had opportunities to try some of her food. Most of the time I was really apprehensive to try it because of the strong smells and spices, but in honor of this project, I wanted to give it a try again! I took a friend to Bombay house here in Provo one weekend and we had a wonderful experience! I knew that it was going to be good food as soon as we walked in because of how long the waitlist was! The meal was delicious! We wanted to try a lot of different foods and I loved everything we tried! We ordered an appetizer to share, and most of the time I didn’t even know what I was eating but I enjoyed it all!  I especially enjoyed the bread!


Outsourced Movie

I was able to watch the movie Outsourced for one of the monopoly board activities and I really liked the movie. I think the fact that we started watching it in class gave me the desire to finish the movie. I was impressed by how well they were able to portray the differences and similarities from both of the different countries. It was also a little bit cheesy, but I think it helped me understand the different cultures and ideas that we are learning about in Intercultural communications. I was really able to relate to the things that happened in this movie because so often things do not go as I originally plan them to go, which was similar to how Todd must have felt.

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Assumptions- Post 10

What an amazing semester it has been! There have been so many times in the last few months when I have relied on things that I have specifically learned from this class. I have learned so much, but I think that if I had to pick just one thing that I have learned that will help me with future interactions with other cultures, it would be to never assume. I thought that I had already learned the importance of not making assumptions, however there has been several times when I have been so grateful that I have just asked a question instead of assuming that all people from one culture are the same. Coming to recognize this makes me hope that others will do the same with me. I am proud of the things that make me who I am, but I would hope that other people are able to see beyond that as well and have a sincere desire to come to know who I am as an individual. There are so many negative things that can happen when assumptions are made, but all of those things can be changed and fixed if we are just willing to ask. This really came full circle for me when I had an opportunity to listen to Chimamanda Adichie’s Ted talk, there is always more to the story! I want to always assume the best of other people who are different than me and have the courage to ask the questions that I don’t know! I think that if I continue to remember these few things, my future interactions with different cultures will be greatly improved.  

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Post 10

This class is one class that I know that I am going to be using what I learned in my future. Looking back at the chapters and discussions that we have had we have been taught many different things that I could use in my future. Here are some things that I am taking with me onto my future intercultural encounters.

The first thing that I have learned from this class is how important it is to ask questions. I also gained the confidence to ask questions about someone’s race, culture, religious background, and preferred pronouns. Before this class, I was afraid to ask someone a question because I feared that they would take my question as being rude. The LGBTQ group helped so much with this. I always fear that I am going to call someone by the wrong pronouns, and after having them talking to us I feel better about asking someone to correct me or tell me what they prefer to be called. Since having them come in and talk with us I feel more comfortable and known that it is more important and polite to ask instead of assuming.

I think that my future international traveling with be positively impacted because of this class. I have learned how important it is to research about the place that I’m going to be traveling. Their culture is something that I need to respect and to adjust to. We talked about many different cultures all around the world and just in the United States. I understand that my culture is not above anyone else’s. Whenever I go someplace I need to make sure I am following their culture appropriately.

Towards the end of the class, we talked about how important it is to make sure that we are finding truthful information and not making assumptions based on stereotypes of cultures. We should all be wary of the “single story”, and make sure that we are seeing someone as the individual that they are and not the popular story that we know about their culture. I’ve challenged myself to try to stay away from thinking of that “single story” when I meet anyone.

The section and the time that we spent on privilege was one of my favorite parts of this class. I think that it is important for everyone to understand what privilege is and how it works in the systems around the world. Before this class, I use to think differently about privilege. I now don’t see my privileges as something negative, instead, I appreciate the privileges that I have. I still think that there are parts of privilege that are unfair. Now I try my best to find ways to use the privileges to help others who may not have the same privileges that I have.

Even though I feel as though through this class and my other intercultural classes I have learned so much I know that I have a lot more to learn. As I go out and live my life I am going to meet new people and encounter cultures I have not before. I know that I can apply what I have learned to those experiences, and I will learn and grow from simply being in that situation.




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