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English only laws?

I know that many other countries around the world are bilingual. Canada our next door neighbor is a good example. Both english and french are recognized as national languages. Canada has made it possible for provinces to choose a language as their staple. But as a whole the federal government of canada set bilingual as the norm. This means that all government singes, paperwork, and other business related governing needs to be bilingual. From my short bit or research this seems to have worked for canada. This may be due to the flexibility given to provinces. My opinion on the subject is, yes we should be bilingual. The united states is built of immigrants from other countries with different  languages. Allthow we could not obviously accept every language as a national language, we could allow a few. As this point in the united states we have had large amounts of south american emigrants (spanish speakers). I could see spanish being accepted as the second national language. A county should be flexible and able to make changes that better accommodate the majority of its peoples language. So as the united states demographics changes so should it supported languages. But as stated above Flexibility should be given to states to chose what language they should fully support. This setup i see as being acceptable. 

I Have not participated in any service learning as of yet. But i have heard of some opportunities that other student have be given. I am currently have no real idea of any direction i want to take my service learning. I guess i need to ask around some more. I do look forward to participating in any activity. I will find out this week what options i have and choose one.

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Making only English laws?

I do not think that we should make only English laws at all. I know that there are some people who think that because English is widely spoken and that it is the international language of business that we should require everyone to learn English. Even though I agree that knowing English is a good skill to have, I do not think that we should make it essential for other people to learn it and that we should not try and learn their language. As a person that speaks two languages I think that there’s a lot of advantages for those whose native tongue is English to learn another language. First, there is a ton of culture just in a language and you can learn a lot more about where people are coming from if you learn the language that they speak. You can more fully understand why they interpret words the way that they do. If we were to make only English laws then those who are native English speakers are going to become a lot more ignorant about other cultures and it just wouldn’t be fair to those people who aren’t native English speakers to expect them to learn a new and often times hard language. Plus I feel that it would be pretty arrogant of native English speakers to walk into a country where the majority speaks another language and the English speaker tells them, “No you have to adapt to my language and my ways of speaking because it’s the law.” Also there honestly are more Chinese speaking people in the world then there are English speakers and I don’t think that someone who only speaks English would think it would be fair for someone to create a only Mandarin speaking law.

I have not started my service learning yet and I’m not 100% sure about what I want to do quite yet but I am hoping to do something with helping refugees with learning a little bit of English. Since I speak Spanish I feel that many people who migrate to this country want to learn English so they understand better about what’s going on but they do not know where or how to learn English.

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Post 3 – English Laws

I truly think that if we are going to progress that the key to that is knowledge and education. That being said, we need to realize that we are a large country with outreach in several other diverse countries and if we fail to learn their languages or restrict them to only English, we will lose what they have to offer. I think that we absolutely should accommodate other languages and even encourage those who speak other languages. Why certain countries have not progressed is because they have a small dialect and they haven’t have the opportunity to progress and learn English. If we can give them that opportunity, that is a great idea. That being said, if they can provide service, insight, and other things with their limited English, that is welcome. We shouldn’t make a law to learn English, rather we should create low cost programs to provide English for those that want it. But there are many communities that function in America with little to no English and I think that’s okay. If we can provide land and resources that they are willing to work and sacrifice for, I see no issue with them not speaking English.

For my service learning project I want to do a self love and self portrait activity with the refugee children through Because He First Loved Us. I am waiting to hear back from the director with more information so that I can work with the classmates who want to participate to collect more supplies and plan.

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post 3

I think that we should try to accommodate different languages and that there shouldn’t be any English only laws. The United States is not only a melting pot, but also has been a place of refuge for many. If we take away the right to speak another language and make everything English only, we are going against everything that America was founded on.

Our country is made of immigrants and people from other places. I think the additions of cultures is what has made America the place to come and is what helped create the “American dream.” 

I think that there will never be a need to make English only laws. There are so many programs and volunteers that teach English, and even without knowing English people are still finding ways to get around. I have family in California that live in Glendale, or “little Armenia.” They haven’t learned a lot of English, but they have adapted to their community and surroundings enough to get done what they need.

My service learning is right on this topic. My family and I have been able to help teach English to a refugee family from the Congo. They speak Swahili, and their family is trying to learn English. We go with them and help them practice, as well as do things like reading and writing. The younger children are better at speaking and have learned good colloquial English, but the older siblings and mom struggle. It has been interesting to see how the mom excels the most in reading and writing, but has a hard time speaking, while the children have an easier time speaking but trouble grasping things like grammar and writing.

We had the family over for dinner, and we all tried to make them as comfortable as possible. One of the girls who is about 15 or 16, has beautiful braided hair. We were talking about her hair when I asked “do you think I would be able to pull it off?” Of course, when we hear this its easy to know what I was asking; I was wondering if I would look good if I had my hair braided like hers.

However, she looked at my terrified and immediately held tight to the hair on her head while saying “no no no no no.” She had thought that I was asking if I could literally pull her hair off of her head! We all laughed and I explained to her the colloquial meaning of what I had said.

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Post 3

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. ” -Rudyard Kipling

The question of whether English only laws should be enforced brings many associated controversial arguments. I will elaborate on this question using my own personal insights and experiences, as well as update on my service learning project.

I personally don’t believe that English only laws should be enforced, because various languages brings a unique sense of cultural identity associated to it. I feel that it would personally add to the cultural value to the members who speak that language. It gives them a sense of pride. Another reason I feel that English only laws shouldn’t be enforced is because it would have a negative impact on global relationships. If various cultures felt that they couldn’t have their language associated with them it would cause a feeling distrust, which would in turn have an impact on imported and exported goods. If I personally were in a different country apart from the United States and I knew that there were going to be English only laws I would feel less willing to be of any type of service to the United States if the situation ever presented itself.

I am currently in the process of setting up my hours for my service learning. I have contacted the company that it is associated with to coordinate my schedule with theirs so I can go through their orientation. Mondays and Saturdays will be my best days to accomplish the necessary hours to complete the assignment.

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English only? & Flag Football

I believe that there should never be english only laws. One of the great things about America is the individualism. Not only of a person, but of culture. IF there are laws that state english only, we will be shutting down all of that. I believe that everybody should know the minimum english in order to have a conversation and to be able to receive help when needed and not around people who speak their language.

I was able to go down to salt lake with some teammates and Kameron. We went and helped Danjuma of Because he first loved us deliver donations to a group home for youth and teenagers. It was a lot of fun and we could tell the kids were really happy we were there. I have a teammate that is really tall and when one of the kids saw him his jaw dropped and his first question to my teammate was, ” Wanna get dunked on?”. We went and played flag football with them for a good hour. They all loved it and had a great time.

One of the crazy things that happened while we were there was during the flag football game. We had just scored a touchdown and out of the corner of my eye I saw a kid that was handcuffed being walked into the building by a police officer. That hit me hard because I never would have thought that during my normal day, there could be another kid being arrested and brought to a group home.

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Accommodating multiple languages for law and policy creation

In our ever increasingly diverse society, I think that it would be foolish to have english only laws. There are several projections that have been made that in 20-30 years the minority groups in the US will become the majority. With that rapid growth in mind, it would be a good idea to accommodate other languages in the law making process. Having laws that accommodate multiple languages, will in process, accommodate multiple minority groups in the US. By having laws in the US that accommodate multiple languages, the US would also send a message that we are embracing the cultures that use those languages. On a multicultural and intercultural communication standpoint, having laws that would accommodate multiple languages would be extremely beneficial to the US.

For my service learning I have signed on with the Asian Association of Utah to be an ESL tutor once a week. I have not started my service yet because we are still waiting for the background check to come through. I will start as soon as I hear back from them.

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Post 3:

I do not think that we should make, “English only” laws. That is like directly saying, “sorry if you don’t speak English, you cannot be here.” It is discrimination. Even though language barriers can be somewhat troublesome in some situations I think it is valuable to practice and experience communicating with others who come from other places and who speak different languages. I think learning different languages can help you better understand different cultures. In addition to that, learning another language will improve your critical thinking skills. Science has proven that people who speak more than one language are better thinkers because they have the opportunity to think and compare certain words in both of their languages. If we make English only laws, it will take away our chances to expand our knowledge. However, I think learning the English language will benefit you immensely considering it is one of the most common languages spoken. 

For my service learning project, I will be teaming up with Ella and a few others to do a project with, “Because he First Loved Us.” We will be taking pictures of the children, getting them developed and decorating picture frames. I think this will be beneficial because it will help the kids realize that it is okay to admire yourself and love yourself. The project will be very positive and good for their self-esteem. 

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Post 3 on English Laws and service hours

I do not think that English should be by law, the only language that is spoken. When we go on vacation out of the country and nobody speaks English around us, it makes it much harder for you to get around and enjoy yourself. We need to have open arms and be able to help benefit people that come here. I do think if you move here from another country, you should try and learn English to make it more convenient for everyone, but you should not only have to speak that language. 

I have been thinking of doing a project with Ella. We talked about helping the kids recognize how beautiful they are and do a self worth project. We would take pictures of the kids and then frame it for them so they can admire themselves. In a tough situation that they are in, that would help benefit them tremendously.  

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Chapters 3 & 4

Chapter 3: I found the part of ethnocentrism and empathy in chapter 3 very interesting. Ethnocentrism is where we place our own group or culture as the “center of everything, and all others are scaled and rated in reference to it.” Having this mindset is dangerous and debilitating to our learning from other cultures and groups. I feel that this is something that everyone experiences whether we mean to or not. It is natural to base our understanding on what is familiar, however, what is familiar to me may seem strange to you. Unfamiliarity can be a vulnerable state, which makes us uncomfortable, but how boring to always stay in what is familiar. I enjoyed reading about empathy as well. Our book defined empathy as the ability to put yourself in someone else’s proverbial shoes and experience the thoughts and emotions from that person’s perspective. Brene Brown spoke about empathy and discussed how often times we “silver line” a person’s problem. An example of this would be if a friend told us that they had a miscarriage, and we would reply, “well at least you know you can get pregnant.” I have been thinking about empathy a lot lately and while reading chapter 3, I realized that ethnocentrism makes it even harder to empathize with people, especially if they have a different culture than our own.


Chapter 4: As I was reading about Distinctive Concept, I thought about an experience I had with one of my closest friends. She is from Argentina and her family came to America when she was about 10 years old. I remember the first time that I went over to her house, I was greeted by both of her parents with a kiss on both of my cheeks. Having more of a shy personality, I was totally caught off guard and embarrassed. It took me awhile to get used to this when I would see them and I would sometimes try to avoid seeing them at first just because it made me feel uncomfortable since I was hardly ever greeted that way. Now, after many years of knowing them and having a friendship with this family, it is something that is part of them and makes them distinct to me. I have thought about this for years and have never realized that there is actually a concept for it.


I loved watching the Ted Talk “The Danger of a Single Story.” Something that stood out to me was how Chimamanda Adichie discussed how a story can be so powerful that it can be definitive of a person. She said, “show a people as one thing, as only one thing, over and over again, and that is what they become.” This statement has been proven many times both positively and negatively. I have seen this fulfilled in my own life, with those around me who have been treated as what they are labeled or seen as from a single story, as opposed to those who have been treated with a story of their own.

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