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Hello, My name is Jake Lund. I have lived in Provo, Goshen and then Ephraim. I spent most my growing up years in Ephraim working on our family Farm. I am currently finishing a bachelors in Tech Management. I have an associate of applied science in diesel technology. I work as a mechanic at Viking Truck Service and Repair in Pleasant Grove. I love anything with an engine and a few wheels or tracks. I enjoy power sports and spend a lot of time exploring the back county routs. When i get free time i try to spend it in the outdoors, camping or exploring some part of the county i have never seen. One interesting fact about me.  I have traveled 1200 miles of north Americas water ways. 

When i was young i spent many evenings watching Nova and Nature on PBS with my dad.  I always loved seeing the far flung parts of the world inhabited by far different cultures then my own. I have always wanted to travel and feel those cultures. So class interested me and it was an elective for my major. As we have been talking in class i have learned that i do not need to travel far to be in a different culture. I look forward to some of the service we get to provide and hope to learn a lot. 

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Intro to Me & Chapters 1/2

Hey y’all. I’m actually way stoked to be in this class. I changed my major from social work to communications and I’m looking forward to finishing my bachelors asap (while still enjoying the moment) and going on to a masters in Organizational Psychology! I am from Salt Lake or Spanish Fork, but SLC always sounds cooler. I live in Provo, work full time at Vivint, and am addicted to Mountain Dew.

Chapter 1 I really liked how it talked about different symbols and I don’t think that we realize how often we are abiding our lives by the different conscious and unconscious decisions affected by symbols. I also thought that it was interesting talking about the technological imperative and how important that is, especially in today’s world. A lot of business is done over social media and you need a presence that isn’t just relatable to white young adults. I think that a great example of this would be Toyota, an international company who does a great job at crossing any cultural boundaries. Ford and Chevy and other companies are great but have yet to do this in my opinion.

Chapter 2 I really loved the picture of the cultural iceberg. Often we experience the social and visual aspects of a culture at the top of the iceberg and think that we are understanding and embracing a culture. We truly don’t even realize at that point what we are accepting because there’s so much more to the culture. I think that the importance of this class is to teach us not only to realize where we are at on the iceberg but to help us be more aware of the rest of the iceberg!

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