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Hi, my name is Thomas Salmon. I was born in Missouri but moved to Utah at 8 years old. I’m from a family of seven kids and I am the third. There are 5 boys and 2 girls so it seemed almost natural to want to compete at everything growing up. I love all sports especially basketball. I played junior college basketball in Oregon then transferred here to UVU where I am currently in my senior year. 


Diversity stuck out to me in this chapter. Growing up in Utah, I didn’t experience a whole lot of diversity. When I moved away to college in Oregon is when I really experienced the diversity. For the first time in my life I was part of the minority. Especially when it came to my basketball team, I had teammates from all over the U.S. and with all sorts of ethnicities. This is when I faced what I believed to be cultural generalizations as the book calls it. I experienced some directed towards me and also some that I had been under the impression of that I later learned were not true. But my team and I slowly broke down these generalizations and accepted each other as equals. 



For me, the chapter about masculinity and femininity really rang true. I grew up in a really old fashioned home where the men did the hard work and the women stayed in the kitchen. So for me that was the norm and anything outside that was backwards. So naturally growing up here in the U.S. there are many people always fighting for equality but to me I always thought men and women were equal they just played different roles. This chapter has opened my eyes that in other cultures this may be different as well as in my own culture. With this knowledge I believe it will help me to continue to understand the human race as a whole instead of just labeling somebody by their gender. 



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