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Intro to Kam Hamilton

My name is Kam Hamilton, I am a JR here at UVU. I am a Speech Communication major, with a minor in Gender Studies. My goal in life would be becoming a High School Counselor, or becoming an Addiction Counselor. I am from Provo, I am 24 years old. I love sports, being outdoors (fishing, four-wheeling, camping), movies, games, and spending time with my family and AshLyn. 

Chapter One: Culture and Communication
One thing that stood out to me is the emphasis on how culture is looked at, and how is perceived in our eyes based off things “we think” we know about them. I enjoyed watching that movie because it was explained very well how we Americans tend to think of other countries, and how we think we know what they need. I look at culture and always tell myself to “learn before assuming”, I think it’s easy to judge different cultures, and to put ourselves above them. But I love that every culture teaches us more about ourselves through their practices, beliefs, and traditions. I like how the text explains in detail words such as “Prejudice”, and  “Discrimination” because I feel as though they tend to be the first emotions we feel when we meet or interact with different cultures. Reading over the different Imperatives, I find myself wanting to be in the Ethical (motivated to have a multicultural worldview in order to be a moral). 

Chapter Two: Cross-Cultural Communication
How cultures vary in their communication behavior. Out of fear, or hesitation I think it’s common to act differently and communicate differently when interacting with a culture you aren’t familiar with, or feel comfortable around. I think we sometimes want to observe first, that way we don’t embarrass our self or do something that could be offensive. I feel once we start to learn and get an understanding, our interactions start to become more personal and real. Again like I mentioned from chapter one I think it takes time to understand culture and so because of that its hard to know how to act like yourself. There are so many difference that it makes it hard to find that common spot, but once you do, that’s when we can start crossing our cultures. 


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