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Intro/Chapter 1 and 2

Hi, everyone! I’m Carrie and I grew up on a farm in the cutest small town ever called Coalville, Utah. I have attended and worked at UVU for the past couple years and I’ve absolutely loved my experience. I’m looking forward to graduating this upcoming May in Communication Studies (that’s the new name for Speech Comm, right?). I really enjoy learning about different cultures and I’m so excited for all I will learn in this class.

Chapter One
Toward the end of this chapter, there is a section called “The Social Construction of Race”. It talks about the different experiences that people have when they discover their DNA ancestry test. Some have positive experiences discovering how diverse they are while others had negative reactions. Both of these reactions show how important race is to our own identities and how we see the world. Understanding our views of race is important for us to understand before we can be culturally aware citizens. I think I’m pretty aware of my ancestry but maybe taking the test would be a surprise for me too.

Chapter Two
It was interesting to learn about cross-cultural differences and including physical space, timing, Individualism and Collectivism and Masculinity and Femininity. One of my favorites to look at was masculinity and femininity- in a more masculine culture, personal strength is viewed as important and wealth means dominance. A feminine culture is a culture where relationships are important, there is equality between males and females. I would love to look at the cultures and subcultures in my own life to see which side of the spectrum my own experiences fall on.


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