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My Introduction

My name is Tyler Erickson and I grew up in Gilbert Arizona. Growing up in Gilbert was an amazing experience. I learned to love camping, hunting, and boating at nearby lakes. It wasn’t until I moved up to Utah that I realized how much I love to ski. Skiing has become one of my passions these past few years and I am excited for the season to arrive. I am the oldest of 7 kids and I was married to my wife Dallas last November. Fortunately for me, she also loves camping and being in the outdoors. I am currently developing an app, and the process has been very exciting. I chose to major in communications because that is one of the best routes to go into business school. I am excited to almost be done with school here at UVU, so I can continue working on small business projects on the side. 

Chapter one and two were very interesting to me. I have found a love inter/cultural communication especially since I have lived in another country. Learning about how others communicate is very important across cultures. For me, this class is beneficial because I plan on traveling the world for business and pleasure in the future. I loved how chapter one explains how inter/cultural communication is important to study. It displays a pie graph of what percentage of people travel to another country from the United States. It then talks about a multicultural worldview and how to better obtain this diverse way of seeing the world.  I hope throughout this class I can become a more diverse and understanding individual. 

Chapter two was interesting, but the thing that stuck out to me the most was the display of the “Culture Iceberg.” I loved analyzing this iceberg and relating it to my culture. It demonstrates how there is a surface culture that displays the most visible aspects of the culture and the deep culture, which is usually hidden and obscured. I found it fascinating to try and think of some deep cultural aspects in my life and how I might not even be aware of them. 


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