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Post 2 on Chapters 3 and 4

Chapter three discussed all different types of intercultural communication competencies. Discussing different variables that people have, it stated motivation, cognitive complexity, ethnocentrism, empathy, interaction involvement, and attitude towards the other cultures. What I thought was most interesting was that almost every culture and person has the assumed opinion and thoughts on certain types of people that are “different” than you. The three characteristics that were talked about were power, impact on history, and valuing differences. Many people are defined as to how rich they are and that associates with power. 

There were two things that stuck out most to me in chapter four. The basic american values and the cultural moments. An example I liked was a video we watched, it was explaining how when they were mimicking americans, they would describe how the hand shake is the main introducing method. They made it sure to say that you have to have an arm lengths away from someone to be sure they get their space. 

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