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Group article presentation

Present an assigned article for one of the class days and lead the class in a discussion of the article on the day it is listed on the schedule. Articles are available on the homepage of canvas along with the companion chapter. You will be expected to help facilitate conversation among your classmates on the article. You need to relate the article to other readings you have done for this class and any current social events. More specifically, it needs to relate to the companion book chapter. Be sure you understand how the article contributes to the study of intercultural communication. Why was it important for us to read it? Bring with you solid discussion questions that can be introduced in class. It might be necessary for you to do some background/outside reading to further prepare to lead discussion. The presentation needs to cover the class period, be interesting, and facilitate class discussion.
– While going over the main points is important, your discussion should not start and stop there. Bring in applicable contextual materials to help you out. You will need to go beyond the article and bring in outside readings and/or materials. Member evaluations are due on canvas within a week following your presentation.
– You will need to submit ON CANVAS your member evaluations within ONE week after your presentation. Later than that you will receive a zero on this portion of the assignment.