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Twitter and Instagram would be the biggest influences to me. We are able to see a lot of perspectives from many different people on Twitter. There are a lot of pictures and memes about stereotyping certain races and groups of peoples. We may think it is funny or offensive, but no matter what, it is shaping our look towards that race or group of people. It is helping us strengthen our judgement that already exists. Instagram has accounts that make funny memes and videos and certain things like that as well. They all pull some jokes towards certain races or groups and that will also play a big role. Almost everybody has a twitter or an instagram and some are always on there looking for the next best tweet or picture that will make them laugh. I was not there for the guest speaker. I am sure he was great and had a lot of insight on what he talked about.

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Post 9

Popular media has a huge influence on our day. I see this every single day. I can see it in the way people dress. Kanye West has had a crazy impact on the culture in our day. His shoes “Yeezys” are the hottest shoes on the market and people go wild for some adidas Yeezys. I see a lot of people that have power have a lot of influence on the younger generation. I think that the younger people look up to celebrities and want to try and emulate them. I think that music has a big impact as well. You can see artists like Migos and Kodak Black have an impact on the culture. I think that it just comes down to the power that these celebrities have. They are going to influence whether it is for good or for bad. 

I thought that the guest speaker was really interesting. I was intrigued by his story. Never would I ever think that I would go to Africa and start to mine for gold. I thought that he provided some good insights about his experience with the culture in Africa. In order to do business there he needed to understand the culture and be able to operate adequately. There is definitely a difference between learning a culture from a book or from talking to other people, and actually being immersed in the culture yourself. 

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When I think about media and influence, I think about referent power. There are many individuals in our society that are powerful, admirable, and have several other attractive traits that influence us. How do these people influence us with media? When I think about how we are influenced, I think about things such as twitter and how it influences people today.  I think about how political leaders use twitter for their personal agenda to push out a message and connect to their audience. A famous athlete connecting with people by pushing out an important message. This is one of many ways media affects us.

I thought our guest speaker was interesting. However, I felt somewhat uncomfortable with the situation that he put himself in. I felt as though he disrespected the culture he went to. There was a lot of good to be learned from his experience though! I’ve definitely learned that when you go to another culture, you should prepare yourself and respect the culture you are going to.

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Post 9

I feel media influences our culture very strongly, in many ways it shapes who we are as a society. Social Media has seemed to be the most recent and biggest influence on American culture. Social media has influenced the way we talk and interact with one another. Its socially acceptable to add a random person you do not know at all on social media but it’s weird to befriend someone you don’t know in person. Another media influence for our culture is Podcasts. Podcasts are a very free speaking platform but is the most underused platform. It influences our culture in the sense that people are more likely to speak out against something the believe in because they hear it in a podcast.

Our speaker was very interesting person. I don’t think I’d ever try and gold mine in Africa. One thing that stood out to me that he said was “We did not go there for them to do business with us but we to do business with them and that means we do and respect what their culture requires” (or something along those lines). I think a lot of times we don’t realize we are looking through only our lenses no matter where we go but need to see things from other perspectives to really catch the big picture.

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Media, Culture and Intercultural Competence

Popular media has had an influence on culture in many ways. For decades, the view of men in American culture has been influenced by many different factors. For example, the movie industry broadcasts a very targeted approach to how men should look and act. Almost every action film, chick flick, and movies where there is a main actor who is a man, is portrayed for the most part as tall, dark, masculine and aggressive. On top of that profile that the media has established, most of those men get the girl, or they defeat the bad guy.

Last year, my friend saw the movie Creed, which is based a spin-off of the Rocky movies. After the movie I vividly remember him saying, “That movie made me want to get into boxing.” He was being dead serious. Within in a month he had a boxing membership and started going to the boxing gym on a daily basis. He wanted to be like the men in the movie Creed.

I, myself, have also been influenced by the media in my life to be more “manly.” When I was a teenager, the Bourne trilogy made me want to work out more so I could have the physical endurance of Jason Bourne. I worked out day after day to have that “change” in my life.

The ted talk brought up great points about how the media industry has influenced how people of every gender think about themselves. It was a great critique of what we as college students should be thinking about, “how much of our culture is influenced by media” and “how much is my identity influenced by the media?”

In regard to our guest speaker, I was very intrigued with his experiences in Ghana. His experiences demonstrated how important our class is when doing business. When he and his partner were in villages that were underscored with conflict, it was their intercultural competence that allowed them to overcome the conflict and become better as a result. It made the content of our class very real to me. It made me thankful to be in this class. I know that the things that I learn in this class will benefit me greatly in the long run for my future in HR and as a community member in general.

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Post 9

YouTube seems be ab area of media that can be more raw and unfiltered then other media outlets. For example almost anyone can upload a video onto YouTube. I was just watching one the other day that my friend told me about. this video had gone “viral” and a lot of people had seen it. There was even a word the video used that was now being used as slang. The person how made the video was famous almost over night. It was interesting how a simple kid in his basement could create a word that would be used by millions almost overnight. This word was then accepted  and used by our culture. So by using social media a kid created a word to be used by his culture.

Our speaker was very interesting to here from this week. It is crazy that two men from Utah would decide to  head to africa to mine gold. In just a few mouths he went from living in suburban Utah with a restate job to working with tribal chefs in Africa to mine gold. A complete culture change and life change to the max. From  paved cubed and guttered streets to mud huts and non English speaking natives. 

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Journal # 9

“The medium is the message” – Marshall McLuhan.

So what does this mean?

The medium through which information is received influences and has a direct relationship with the message itself.

Think of the main media source in today’s society: the internet. It’s fast, full of misinformation, full of people claiming to be experts, but it can also be a valuable tool in research. This reflects society today. We want instant gratification. Blogging and web design removes gatekeepers and allows anyone to pose as an expert. 

Not only does media influence our culture, it is our culture. Because of popular sites like Reddit, people can crowd source information on a large scale. We can anonymously ask embarrassing or sensitive questions without fear of repercussions. 

Because we are so involved in our media consumption, it also influences our thinking. Big name YouTubers and Instagram models dictate our beauty standards. They tell us what to buy and what movies to see. When was the last time you walked into a restaurant without using Yelp or Google Reviews to make sure it was good? When was the last time you saw a film without looking up what the critics had to say?

Although we may assume we are a more freethinking society than times of old, in some ways we are not. Take for example the guest speaker, Scott. The population was influenced by what the Discovery Channel had to say about his work in Ghana. From his perspective, he was trying to be ethical and even worked hard to respect the culture there. From the perspective of others, he was disrespectful and harming their nation. 

If we allow the media to tell us what to think, we’re not thinking at all. 

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Social Media and Thoughts on the Guest Speaker

Popular media influences our culture in a variety of ways, and an obvious one includes social media, specifically snapchat and Instagram. I think our culture is built around it in a way that most would not have expected beforehand. We have become so affected that companies are using these sites as well as their “selfie filters” to make money, and it’s all based on something that was designed to be cute, really. Much of something that wasn’t necessarily expected to be a big deal has made our culture has been geared around making money off our own photos, and I find that really interesting.

With the guest speaker’s presentation, I found it interesting in the way he was stressing he was not racist, just ignorant of the culture. I think many of us get the two confused, so it’s nice to put into perspective that there is hope to change from being ignorant. Another interesting comment that was made was that they felt forced to learn about the culture if they wanted to do business in Ghana. They realized to show respect to the culture, they would learn it, something that applies much more often than we think. By accommodating to the local beliefs, such as not working on Tuesdays, they were seen as respectful and were accepted much more than before. There’s nothing wrong with learning more about different cultures to be respectful, and it seems like a really fluent way of adapting to a place. 

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Post 9

Your topic for this blog is how popular media influences our culture. Give me some specific examples rather than just “TV” etc. Also, write about something that stood out to you from our guest speaker’s presentation.Tag your post to . Copy the URL and paste it here on canvas to be graded.

Popular media has definitely influenced our culture as a whole as well as our perspective on other cultures. I specifically remember that when I was younger that there was some sort of Red Cross commercial with Jennifer Aniston or some celebrity on it asking for donations for underprivileged children in Africa to get vaccines (or something of the sort) and I would cry every time it came on. I think that fostered my perspective of how other countries are and I probably thought that all black people experienced that to some degree. It wasn’t until junior high when I started reading more literature and having more diverse friends that I realized that many of my stereotypes weren’t true. I think that stereotypes are also dramatized by media not just in commercials but in the movies. Intercultural movies often paint the United States as the victim or the hero but never look at our culture from the other perspective. I think that this greatly influences how open we are to other countries, their beliefs, and their views.

I really loved the guest speaker that we had on Monday from Jungle Gold. I think that the media obviously didn’t help him in his situation because it was dramatizing his weaknesses. This is something else unique that happens with the media. We make heroes of people but to make money, we have to focus on their deep dark secrets and flaws. That’s definitely something that happened with Scott and his business partner. It was an eye opening experience to listen to him and watch those clips.

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How Popular Media Influences Our Culture and the Guest Speaker

I feel that media has incredible influence in our culture. For one, the media is everywhere and now with us being able to pull it up in a second on our smart phones makes it even easier to access and have the media influence us. So obviously the media influences us through our phones, music, books, TVs, radios, billboards, computers, etc. The media can influence simple things like what we decide that we want to eat and what brand of clothing we decide to buy. However, it can also influence bigger things like what we see about local or international events. It can also help us form an opinion about a different group of people or form an opinion about any other organization. The sad part about this is that the media may skew our views of the group or organization as they may not include all of the information about something or they can not deliver the whole truth. Other media may portray a certain event or group of people in a negative way. This can cause anyone to see a group of people that are different from them in a completely different way then how they actually are.

With the speaker that came on Monday, I thought it was interesting to hear from him how the media outlet was showing only negative things about their work at first to televise drama and it really caused them to get negative feedback at first. The other thing that was interesting to see was how they really made it important to work with and respect the locals of the villages they were mining near.

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