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Date Reading/Assignment

1/8 Introduction to class; Chapter 1 Culture and Communication
1/10 Video; service learning and blogs

1/15 Martin Luther King Holiday No Class
1/17 Chapter 2 Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Communication Blog linked to course

1/22 Chapter 3 Intercultural Communication Competence; Chapter 4 A Communication Theory of Culture Group Assignments
1/24 Group Work Blog post 1 due

1/29 Babakieuria Video, Chapter 5 Culture in Conversation
1/31 Article Presentation: Scott: Broadening the View of Black Language Use Blog post 2 due

2/5 Chapter 6 Self-Identity and Culture Quiz 1
2/7 Article Presentation: Jia: Chinese Perspective on Harmony Blog post 3 due

2/12 Video: Adonica Limon
2/14 Chapter 7 Ingroups and Outgroups Blog post 4 due

2/19 President’s Holiday No Class
2/21 Article Presentation: Eller: When the Direct Route is Blocked Self-Assessment paper due

2/26 Chapter 8 Privilege and Culture
2/28 Chapter 8 Activities Blog Post 5 due

3/5 Article Presentation: Monaghan: Working Against the Grain: White Privilege in HR Development
3/7 Chapter 9 Co-culture and 10 Advocacy Quiz 2; Blog post 6 due

3/12 Article Presentation: Intercultural Empathy
3/14 No Class Blog post 7 due

3/19 Spring Break No Class
3/21 Spring Break No Class

3/26 NPR presentations
3/28 NPR presentations NPR assignment due on Blog

4/2 Guest Speakers
4/4 Article Presentation: Urban & Orbe: The Syndrome of the Boiled Frog Blog post 8 due

4/9 NO CLASS but read Chapter 11 Media and Culture: The “Reality” of Media Effects and watch https://www.ted.com/talks/chimamanda_adichie_the_danger_of_a_single_story
4/11 Guest speaker: Scott Lomu Blog post 9 due

4/16 Article Presentation: Tyler Perry: The (Self-Appointed) Savior of Black Womanhood
4/18 Chapter 15 Challenges and Opportunities in Inter/Cultural Communication, Difficult Dialogues Blog post 10 due; Quiz 3; Blog finished

4/23 Blog Presentations
4/25 Blog Presentations Service Learning paper and hours documentation due; Monopoly board due
4/30 Blog Presentations 1-2:50