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Service Learning

Click on the link for the service learning hours documentation form: Service Learning Hours

Service Learning Hours: This is a “service learning” designated course. As educated people, and as members of the democratic community, one of your obligations is to make the world a little better for those who are less fortunate than you. Community service, and service learning, in your college years and after, is a way for you who are educated and privileged (and you are, just because you are able to attend this institution) to give something back to the community and to model everyday moral competence. Be reminded that the community pays for a large share of your education at a state institution. This will also give you an opportunity to interact with and serve people from other cultures who live right here in our community. Therefore, as a group or an individual, you will develop a project and (each student) contribute 20 hours toward the project. Your work on this project will count a total of 100 points toward your final grade. You will need to download the documentation sheet from the link at the top of this page and keep track of your hours. On completion of the 20 hours have the person(s) you worked with sign the sheet and turn it in to me to receive your points.

Paper: Write on your blog (you do not have to link it to our class site). Write about what you learned doing your service learning. Give specific examples. This should be a well organized 2-3 page paper with an introduction and conclusion to the paper as a whole.

Volunteer Opportunities

Illumine International Community (this is in Utah county)

Refugee Action Network (this is in Utah county)
210 W 200 N ste. 100
Provo, UT

Utah Community and Refugee Partnership Center (this is in Utah county)
Contact:Leonard Bagalwa, 801-471-5912 Leonard.bagalwa@ucrpc.org.
• Resume Building
• Healthcare enrollment
• Driver license process
• Job search
• Housing search
• computer training/mentoring
• tax help
• immigration status help

International Rescue Committee (IRC)
Contact: Lyn Spataro, lyn.spataro@rescue.org
Ph: 801-328-1091
• Tutor English as a Second Language (ESL)
• Youth Programs and Activities
• Health Programs
• Employment Programs
• Donations and Fundraising
• New Roots (Refugee Community Garden)
• Case Management
• Office Support

Refugee Center at Asian Association of Utah (AAU)
Contact: Anthony Roberts, anthonyr@aau-slc.org
Ph: 801-990-9476
• Mentoring a Newly Arrived Family
• Tutor or Teach ESL
• Youth Afterschool Programing
• Office Support

Sunnyvale Community Center
Contact: Alejandra Hernandez
Assistant Coordinator
Sunnyvale Neighborhood Center
(w) 801-990-2312 (f) 801-412-9925
155 South 300 West, SLC, UT 84101
Office: 801-590-9746

• 9-12, evening class
• school program 3-6 pm
• ESL classes

The English Skills Learning Center (ESLC)
* This requires a minimum of 100 hours. I’m putting this on here just in case anyone might be interested in doing more than just this semester.
Contact: Kristin Crummett k.crummett@eslcenter.org
Ph: 801-328-5608
• Tutoring ESL
• Teaching ESL Classes
• Empowering ESL Learners
• Preparing for the Citizenship Exam

Because He First Loved Us
Discovery Christian Community
Cornerstone EV Free in Midvale
7762 South Main Street (700 West)
Midvale, Utah, 84047
Contact: Danielle Griffin Alcala, danielle@bhflu.org
Ph: 801-979-7707
• Mentoring Refugees of all ages
• Youth Outreach/Sports Programs: Boys Basketball and Girls Tennis
• Transportation
• Host a Special Event
• Fundraising
• Tutoring
**** update from Danielle: girls basketball team practices Tuesday evenings, games Friday evenings; 2 boys basketball teams times not yet determined, Lagoon day 12-9 9/23, Harvest party 10/28 6-8 (needs costumes), Christmas outreach in October

Tumaini Transition Center
Granite school district helping refugee students transition into schools