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NPR/TEDTalk Assignment

Pick an article from NPR’s “This American Life” or “RadioLab” OR a TED talk with a current Intercultural issue as its theme. You will then decide how you will address or resolve the issue. You will also pick at least two research articles from peer reviewed journals to support your solution or point of view. You will present your information on a blog post outlining your article and your solution along with the articles that support your viewpoint. This should be in APA format and include a bibliography and correct in text citations. Remember that anytime you use a direct quote you need to include page numbers as well as the author and year in text. Copy the URL and submit it on Canvas for grading.

You will give a 2-3 minute presentation about your NPR/TEDTalk findings. Give an overview of the NPR article or TEDTalk, the two articles you found on the same topic and what your overall conclusion is as a result of comparing these three.